Codo: Shared Todo-Lists & Reminders 

Codo is a simple but powerful list-making app that helps you organize everyday life tasks, with real-time synchronization between devices.


Intuitive design

Codo has a minimalistic and intuitive layout that allows you to achieve maximum productivity with minimal effort. You won’t see any clutter, ads or unnecessary features in the app. Codo is completely free.

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Real-time synchronization between devices

Check off a task, add new tasks, clear completed tasks – list members will instantly see updates to the list.

Other cool features

Give each list a unique look and feel. Choose from a collection of hundreds of list icons and backgrounds.

Notify list members with a push notification when you want them to look at a list.

Shake your device to clear all completed tasks from a list.

Offline support. List changes are automatically synchronized with list members when you get back online.

Create scheduled task reminders for yourself or other list members. 

Of course, you can create private lists as well. You choose if you want to invite someone to collaborate with or keep the list closed.

  • Codo

    “that’s exactly what i was looking for, downloaded it on my fiance’s phone too, we can now edit the same list together in real time, love the details like choosing background and icon and have personal names, it’s both cute and practical. Thanks to whoever invented this, i really like it! Please don’t change anything on it”

    Gabuun Papaschikova
  • “This app looks good, is free and can be used with my hubs and I to share lists? Dream. Come. True! The perfect app for couples or roommates or parent/kids. PERFECTION!”

    Keirstin Waller
  • “A good and useful app. Easy to share with others and changes made by you or the others are seen instantly. Free of commercials.”

    Alina E
  • “I’ve looked at, and used 6 apps so far in-depth and this is the best one I’ve found so far. It’s free, it’s easy to figure out, it has a lot of ways to organize your task, and a lot of customizable options. The share option is great, hands down the big draw for me, it helps me organize, delicate, and manage my family activities. My wife works a different shift then I, so this also helps us communicate better. Thanks for all the work you put in on this and giving to me for free.”

    Matt Stoppkotte
  • “A simple app that just works – easy to use, easy to share. We tried a few to-do lists for our family but this is the best one.”

    Ben Lawson
  • Codo

    “Very useful and intuitive, good design and functionality. Thank you”

    Melanie Diaz
  • Codo

    “Love this app so much. It helps my family keep communication on things we need or want and is really helpful around christmas time.”

    Brittney Williams
  • Codo

    “Very nice app, it’s incredibly helpful and simple enough for my whole family to use. Five stars absolutely earned. “

    Luca Tarricone
  • Codo

    “I use it just for my wife and me and is simple to use and does exactly what we need it to do. Great app !!!”

    Daniel Landre
  • Codo

    “great simple app for keeping track of to- do’s and sharing with friends and family. very straightforward, with cute ways to personalize each list!”

    Pascalle Ballard


Available in Android. Coming to iOS and Web. 



Coming soon