Shared To-do lists with real-time sync.

Codo simplifies task coordination between you, your friends, family, and colleagues with seamless real-time sync.

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Key Features

Real-time Sync

Tasks added, checked, or removed by other list members reflect in real-time.

Versatile Lists

Create lists for anything: Shopping, to-dos, travel plans, and more.

Task Reminders

Set reminders for yourself and others, with recurring options available.

Offline Support

Full offline functionality with auto-sync when online.


Customize lists with distinct icons and backgrounds for quick identification.

Voice Input

Add tasks effortlessly using speech-to-text functionality.

Intuitive UI

While the landscape of to-do apps is cluttered with elaborate features that often demand a learning curve, Codo cuts through the noise. Embracing a minimalistic and straight-to-the-point approach, we ensure you can effortlessly collaborate on task lists with friends and family without compromising usability.

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Some reviews from our users

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Perfect for a shared grocery and to-do list.

A Google user

I've looked at, and used 6 apps so far in-depth and this is the best one I've found so far. It's free, it's easy to figure out, it has a lot of ways to organize your task, and a lot of customizable options. The share option is great, hands down the big draw for me, it helps me organize, delicate, and manage my family activities. My wife works a different shift then I, so this also helps us communicate better. Thanks for all the work you put in on this and giving to me for free.

A Google user

Easy to use. You can share and edit your list at home while the hubby is at the store reading it and shopping.

A Google user

Where has this app been all my life? A shared checklist that updates in real time? Yes please!!! I can use it casually in my personal life to share shopping lists with my family, or I can use it more intensely at work to show what my tasks are for the day and allow my boss to not only add tasks, but also prioritize them based on what he sees I'm already busy doing.

A Google user

Love it! Great for team shopping and sharing lists; dinner, movies, books, songs.

A Google user

It's amazing especially for birthday lists and chores like it's supposed to do I love that

A Google user

This app is so simple and easy to use. No overload so I have a good overview of all categoties and I can share with anyone

A Google user

I wanted a simple app to let family members see and contribute to shopping lists. This app checks the box, pun intended. It is easy to use and invite others. It seems to sync almost instantly. I sometimes like bells and whistles but in this case simpler is better.

A Google user

I love this for sharing lists with my husband! It doesn't have to be just shopping lists, we use it for all kinds of lists...traveling, cleaning, saving, working(we work together)'d be surprised what you can come up with!

A Google user


Can I use this app for free?

Absolutely. Tens of thousands of users have been using Codo completely for free since its launch in 2016. While we offer an optional Plus membership with additional features, every new user automatically receives a 30-day free Plus membership. This allows you ample time to decide if it's right for you or if you prefer to stick with the free plan.

What happens to my data if I decide to uninstall the app?

You can request to have your data completely deleted at any time. We don't sell or misuse your data in any way.

Do I need an account to use Codo?

You don't need an account to give it a try initially; you can dive right into creating lists. However, to collaborate on lists with other users and to ensure you don't lose your data when switching devices, you'll naturally need an account linked to you.